About Me

gloria siahaan. 21/12/1997. B. your future doctor.        
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 she’s back 
Cold—Sleepyhead—Awkward—Last Sagittarian        
Warm as ice? Probably.
Mysterious, yet silly enough. Love to sing and dance.  Novels reader and mind-reviewer. Picky. I hate my moods. Not really a fan of rock-music. Adoring arts eventhough I can’t make any. LUKE10:20 helps me with everything because God promise me. Chicken, Cakes, Snacks. Milk, Tea, Mocha, Hazelnut.
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my muse
together we are limitless  
Choi Sungmin is mine. Will not share him.
Kim Myungsoo. Shin Donggeun. Han Sanghyuk. Lee Byunghun. Kim Heechun
Kwon Sohyun. Jung Sooyeon. Son Naeun. Kim Seolhyun. Kim Yoohyun. Park Myungeun
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mirror mirror
❝you sweet my favourite        
currently thinking > inspirit as my pride.
food & drinks > chicken, cakes, snacks, milk, tea, mocha, hazelnut
my eyecandy (not idol) > lee minho 93, seo kangjun, yoo ahin, lee juhyeong

music box > infinite “before the dawn”

current status > married to choi sungmin
my goal > become a doctor!!!

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 meet me 
❝lets get closer. i love making new friends.        
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layout credit to _milkshake @ f a l l e n angel. do not steal.



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