[REVIEW] T-ARA ‘Day by Day’ Mini Album

Actually, recently, I heard Super Junior’s 6jib and T-ARA’s Day by Day mini album, and compare two of them. But, I LOVE BOTH! Well, since probably many people reviewed 6jib, I decided to reviewing Day by Day mini album, including reviewing their new member ‘Ahreum Lee’.

#1 Day By Day

This track is not really my favourite. Recently, T-ARA kept promoting kinda of mellow song and dancing -_-. I don’t understand why they’re not going to choose ‘Love Game’ or ‘Hue’. Those two song are catchy with the cute beat for me. But, the dance of this song is funny and I enjoy while they performing. And I’m so happy Hwayoung got all the rap’s part! Well, Eunjung need to shine more. So, why CCM didn’t gave her many parts. Her parts is blurred by the autotune from the music-_-. Soyeon always impress me anyway :3. And Jiyeon’s husky voice is SOO SEXY!

#2 Holiday

This song isn’t ballad either cute song. I can’t put it anywhere! Some of the meaning is sad, but this song a bit cheerful for me. This song reminds me of ‘I’m Okay’ by T-ARA too. Well, probably they make a new song but the music is kinda same. I think Qri got some parts? Boram too! Two of them always got less part T-T

#3 떠나지마 ‘Dont Leave’

MY FAVE TRACK FROM THE MINI ALBUM! This song is perfect for me, the beat is not too fast not too slow. All their voices AMAZED me! Jiyeon’s voice probably not that good, but in this song, when she sang, I can feel the pain of the song! Soyeon’s voice almost make me cry. Do you guys watch their comeback performance? Soyeon’s eyes and her voice is breath-taking! I hope SM feel sad letting Soyeon go. And I’m happy she’s in T-ARA now! Qri’s part lyrics is the most painful for me u,u. This song is the perfect one :’3

#4 HUE

This song isn’t catchy as Holiday one, but this song. This song reminds me with ‘Lovey Dovey’ and ‘Round Round’. The opening sounds like ‘Love Style’ but it just my opinion hohoho. This song is cute, especially Hue Hue part. ’till now I don’t know what the meaning of Hue in this song ._.v

#5 사랑놀이 ‘Love Game’

This song is cool! Well, the music sounds like ‘can-can’ dance? Lol. But this song is good if they use to promote, well the music video isn’t really same with this song but this song is supa dupa catchy! T-ARA need to have more song like this. T-ARA make Retro Style alive! Lol. Hwayoung’s rap is sexy in here! Soyeon’s voice too. Qri voice is good ><

I want to share my opinion now 🙂

Actually, I’m not really agree with adding new members, such as Ahreum and Danee. It’s not like I hate them, but, OT7 already good! Well, this group haven’t use much of their members! Qri-Boram still got the less part. Jiyeon has too much airtime, make the other had not much airtime. Hwayoung is the main rapper, that’s why I understand she got all rap parts. But sure she can share with Eunjung who’s the Lead Rapper. Why they need to add new member?

Truthfully, I’m not that statified with Ahreum’s vocal when performing Day by Day. She has power, but she didn’t show all of it!

T-ARA is a great girlband, I AM SURE! They have great vocals such as Soyeon-Boram-Hyomin-Eunjung. They have great rappers such as Hwayoung-Eunjung. They have great dancer too, Hyomin-Jiyeon-Qri. I understand Qri aren’t that great, but her dance is pretty great, she’s pretty, even she’s ex-ulzzang. I am sure if she given a chance to learn more, she could do more than this. If you hear her voice in ‘Dont Leave’, her voice is really good! Even she made me cry with her parts!

I’m not an anti of Ahreum either Danee. But, why CCM didn’t debuted them in Gangkiz or anywhere except T-ARA? When adding Hwayoung, many fans not agree, but thank God, all of them love her now. Because she got the talent! Her rap is just awesome as her older-twin, Hyoyoung! She’s tall and her smile is gorgeous.

Ahreum got a lot of talent too. I know that. But, many fans dislike her because she’s ‘replacing’ Jiyeon’s name as maknae. Dude, seriously. It’s not about losing the name as maknae. But, we don’t know her talent yet! If CCM haven’t develope Qri-Boram’s talent, why they need to add new members? To make the age average more young? That’s crazy!

Danee.. Seriously. I have no idea. I thought CCM is a bit crazy adding her in a group with age average 20. She’s too young with those sexy-mature concept. I almost going to bash CCM at that time-_- She’s younger than ME! My God!

Well, in my opinion, I need CCM to think more when adding new member. Gahhh. Anyway, I’m sharing my opinion, please no bash ><


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